A Day At Camp NeeKauNis

A typical day at Camp NeeKauNis varies from program to program, but every day holds opportunities for activities with friends, as well as peaceful communion with ourselves and our surroundings: this is what makes Camp so special.

Here is a typical schedule for a full day at a Camp! 

Plan to arrive by supper of the first day and to leave before lunch on the last day. Check in with your director for details.
Staff should arrive no later than noon on the first day.

  • Wake up gong: 8:00 am; 
  • Breakfast: 8:30 am; 
  • After dishes: free time; 
  • Meeting for Worship: 10:00 am; 
  • Work Period: 10:30 am-11:30 am; 
  • Lunch: 12:00 pm;
  • After dishes: Rest Period/Programmed Quiet Activities; 
  • Waterfront: 3:00 pm-5:00 pm;
  • Free time/Programmed Activities: 5:00 pm-6:00 pm;
  • Supper: 6:00 pm; 
  • After dishes and pre-bugs: Field Games;
  • Post bugs: Snacks; Evening programming; free time; programmed Community Building activities;
  • Lights out and all quiet by 11:00 pm (much earlier at Children's Camps!).

We work together to refine this schedule, planning out-trips and slotting in special activities like: beach supper; canoe trips; Talent Night; special crafts; Quaker content for all ages; Worship; Secret Friends; Community building; long walks; forest trails and bird watching. Swimming lessons and boating lessons can happen pending instructor availability where they best fit in the day.

Not sure about all this togetherness? If you need solitude, let your directors know, so we can be sure you are safe and sound.

Here is a summary of a typical day

Adults can start their day with an early-morning walk, or a swim in Sturgeon Bay. There is always someone up early to check in with. Then there’s breakfast – three full meals a day and snacks are included. All campers participate in a schedule of helping out with meal cleanup and other chores; this keeps costs down but also contributes to the power of the community. Some of the best conversations come out of working side-by-side with a friend!

Junior camp

We have a half-hour Quaker Meeting for Worship every day. Many find this a welcome moment of peace – a chance to breathe deeply and absorb the beauty of First Hill, surrounded by friends. At programs with young children, there is a separate children’s program during that time for the little ones who would rather not sit in Meeting for very long. Afterwards, there are opportunities to work and play – many programs include arts and crafts or a work period at this time of day.

The afternoon often begins with some quiet time, followed by swimming and boating if you choose. You may want to join in some group games or just get to know your fellow campers better. After supper, you can usually find something to do in the sports field: soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, basketball, badminton, tetherball, etc.

In the evenings, campers gather together for snacks and all kinds of activities, in large or small groups. Some long-standing favourite activities include board games and card games; group games such as “Wink” and “Do You Love Me Honey”; playing music and singing together; story-reading; making puzzles; dances; discussion groups; movies; and of course, great conversation. You will probably be quite ready for bed at the end of your day!  Campers often comment that days seem to last extra-long at Camp – because so much life is packed into each one.

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