Camp NeeKauNis Committee

“CNC” is the Camp NeeKauNis Committee, the standing committee of Canadian Yearly Meeting responsible for the successful and Quakerly operation of Camp. Its members come from Monthly Meetings all around Ontario, and meet three times a year: at Camp in the spring and the fall, and at a Meeting House in January.

There are also subcommittees, which include members outside the main Committee, to suit all talents. If you enjoy building, cooking, public relations, mediation, etc., or if you have skills you'd like to share, we really appreciate volunteers. Interested? Speak to your Meeting’s nominating committee, contact the CNC clerks at, or just come out to a meeting and help out. We would love to see you!


SubcommitteeMembersAdministrative Subcommittee
made up of the  Co-Clerks, Recording Clerk, Treasurer, PD Clerk, Program Clerk

Finance Two Members and  Treasurer,

Kitchen Three Members with associates

Ministry and Counsel Four Members

NominatingTwo Members

Health and Safety Advisor

Physical DevelopmentFour Members with  associates

ProgramThree Members with associates

PublicityTwo Members with associates

Personnel Kate Holden, Cathy Jolliffe (as Treasurer) Kris Wilson-Yang (as Co-Clerk)


Two Members with associates and Publicity

ex officio members:


Camp Administrator