Working for Camp

Camp NeeKauNis always needs volunteers and those interested in Quaker service opportunities to help run our programs. Waterfront staff are remunerated at competitive levels. Positions typically include:

  • Kitchen Staff
  • Choreperson
  • Child Care
  • Program Staff
  • Cabin Leaders
  • Arts and Crafts Leaders


Apply directly to the director of the camp you wish to work at.  

Download an application form HERE and email this to the session director with whom you would like to work.

You must be 15 years of age or older to volunteer at Camp NeeKauNis The teen staff form can be found below.

In addition, there are paid positions available as waterfront staff:

  • Senior Lifeguards
  • Junior Lifeguards
  • Boat Caretakers

Contact the Personnel Committee, c/o Kristine Wilson-Yang for more information about being waterfront staff.

Camp is always looking for adults to fill the following leadership roles:

  • Camp Directors
  • Head Cooks
  • Work Project Leaders

Contact the Clerks if you are interested.


Volunteers are always wanted and high school students can use their hours to count for the requirements for graduating.  PLease fill in the form below and let us know you need a letter to take to your high school confirming these hours.


Camp NeeKauNis Requests Police Records Checks

Friends and friends of NeeKauNis:

If you are being considered for a volunteer position at Camp NeeKauNis during our programs for children under the age of 18, you need to get a Police Records Check (PRC). We need to demonstrate that you do not have any convictions involving children or other members of the vulnerable sector.

You need to contact your local police service. Volunteers may be able to get a reduced rate for the PRCs with a letter from Camp. Your director will provide you with this letter.
You own your record check: please do not give or send an original to anyone, even if they request it. We are asking for a copy to be sent by post to:
Camp NeeKauNis c/o 91a Fourth Ave., Ottawa, ON K1S 2L1 Attn: Staff Support
or by e-mail to .

The scan will be printed and erased immediately and be stored in a secure location.
Your Director will be advised when this document has been received. Camp NeeKauNis is bound by the Ontario Human Rights Code and will not limit your involvement with Camp solely based on the PRC, except in cases of crimes against children and the vulnerable sector.

The Toronto Police Services has special requirements. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with them and Camp will mail you a waiver form on legal-sized paper, on request of your Camp Director, if you are under their care or of the Camp Clerk if you are minuted as a Camp Director. It must be signed, witnessed by a Committee Member, and mailed to the Toronto Police Services with a certified cheque or money order for $20 to the order of the Toronto Police Services. The address is on the waiver document.

For list of Committee Members in Toronto, or if you have any questions please contact me at

Thank you for your service to Camp,
Kris Wilson-Yang, Police Check Contact Person

Co-Clerk, Camp NKN Committee
Feb 2016